I send a message [ 2007-04-14, 12:58 a.m. ]

Whee. It was much easier than I thought to give him the mixes (yes, I made two) today. I was in the receiving room and Rox was in discussion with another manager about something. I went over to Jon and we were joking about how I wanted him to come over to my place with the vacuum he was about to use. He asked if he needed to wear some kind of outfit for that. Heh.

Anyway, I said "When you're done for the day, come by and see me. I have something I wanted to give you." At first he thought I was joking but I told him "No,really. I have something I want to give you." Then he said, "Why don't we go now? I have time." So we walked the few feet to my dept. and I went behind the counter where I had placed the two mixes. I handed them to him and told him "You know how you said I could make you happy if I wanted to? Well, here ya go." He was happy and I think caught off guard, of course. He thanked me nicely and then said quietly "What are these for?" I just said "Well, you know how you told me you didn't really know what you liked in music? I can't stand that notion. So I made these for you." I also told him that I had about five hours of music that I had to pare down for the two hours of mixes. He thought that was sweet, I think. I also told him to tell me what he liked on the cds.

When we went back into the backroom, he told Rox that I'd give him mixes and now that meant we were dating. Rox laughed and said "If you were in high school". I think I might have to kill Rox. Ha.

Anyway, I did write my email and phone number on the inside of both of the mix cd liners. I asked Mike, one of my employees, that if a girl gives you mixes, what do you think that means. He said "I would think she might like me." Later on, I mentioned that "What if the girl puts her email and phone number on the inside of the cd liner?" He replied, "That would definitely mean something."

I named one of the mixes "Lightning Running Through My Veins" after a David Gray song lyric. And the other one is called "I'll Never Walk The Same", an Afghan Whigs lyric.

Sigh. Well, at least if this message isn't clear to Jon, I now have a conversation starter for a while. And maybe I can get him to go to a concert with me after a while.

Thanks for the encouragement in my last post. Y'all are the best.

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