An ode to my lady parts [ 2007-04-16, 10:09 p.m. ]

What a long day. And a windy one at that. My lightweight car did not care for it.

I started the day by having a therapy session at 8am. I know! As we were making our way back to her office, I told Susan that I meant to get some coffee on the way but didn't make it to a coffee place. She stopped and said "We have coffee. Would you like some?" I looked around like a drug addict, "You've got coffee here?!". So she went and got me some coffee while I settled in on the couch and played with a rubber sea urchin thing. Have I told you how much I like my therapist? She also is a therapist for kids so her office has little playtoys and it makes it fun to be in there sometimes.

The session went well. She discussed with me about turning my negative thoughts and expectations to positive ones instead. Like "He won't like me" becomes "But maybe he will." She recommeded a book that we always have in the self-help section called Absolute Happiness by Dr. Seligman. I bought it and will peruse it when I need the jolt of therapy.

I went to work at 11am wearing a just above the knee black and a pretty green Indian style shirt. I got there and my opening person told me he wasn't feeling well and would need to leave once I clocked in. He's an older guy and I think he's going through treatment for cancer so it was not a big deal. However, I was disappointed that I would not really have the time to go to the back room and hang with Jon. Cause who really needs to do actual work when you can flirt?

But I did quickly go back to get a small box to pack a return in and Rox complimented me on my skirt and I quickly said hello to Jon and asked how he was doing which he returned the greeting. I do that kind of thing. I'll do the opposite of flirt when I'm trying to pull back. Defensive mechanism.

An hour or so later, I see Rox go on her lunch and I called back on the phone to the backroom and asked if Jon had gotten a chance to listen to the mixes. He said yes and thanked me again. I asked him if he remembered what he'd liked. And like most people when asked this kind of question, his mind started going blank. But he did say he liked the Afghan Whigs song and Belle & Sebastian.

Holy hell. He liked two of my favorite bands! That's enough to make me want to kiss him. Like it takes much.

Anyway, I said "Ya know I'm chained to this desk for a few hours so come and see me before you leave." He easily agreed to do so.

And then forgot to do so. Men. What the hell?

So then I finagled all kinds of things so I could work on Wednesday, when his next shift is. Just so I can have another chance to talk to him. And hopefully, my opening guy won't need to leave early this time.

After work, I went to LB and bought another skirt (Dark blue pinstriped) and a sexy lacy camisole.

By the way, the David Sedaris talk was so damn funny. And Caleb and I stood in line so I could get my copy of Holidays on Ice signed. Caleb had had him sign his own copy last year and David had signed it "To the best cocksucker in Charlotte". So we get up there and I gush that I enjoyed the show and this was my second time seeing him. So David writes "To Judith. So very nice to see you again." I leaned down and laughed "I kinda wanted you to put something filthy in there." So he looked down and changed it to read "To Judith. So very nice to see your pussy again." I thought I was going to die. I love that man.

Oh and big news. For some reason I like to weigh myself in the late afternoon/evening after I've already eaten in the day. But even then it showed that I've lost two more pounds just since last Wednesday. Damn! Hot double damn!!

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