Push it real good [ 2007-04-19, 8:29 p.m. ]

Last night was fun. A bit odd but still fun. I started out hanging at the bar, drinking my Cosmopolitan. One of the girls that I've known since I starting coming to the bar, Jen, came up and invited me to come over to sit with her and her friends. I did after I went up to sing (Nirvana's "Come As You Are", one of my fave songs). I hung with them and all of us got a lot of turns at singing since it was a small crowd.

Matt asked me for advice about what to give the mother of his girlfriend (huh? girlfriend? hmmm...well, good luck). I told him I was mostly illiterate now that I'm in the music dept.

Later in the night, the couple that I hung out with three weeks ago came in. Jeff and Sara (I think that's her name). I found out from Jen that they used to be together but now are just living together. That must be awkward. Sara seemed more than a little drunk as she was trying to tell me why she was mad about something but I could barely understand her due to the noise and the slurring. At one point she practically gave me a lap dance, that's how drunk she was. It's too bad I don't go that way because she was cute.

I'm telling you, I was looking hot. I had on the white cami under the black sweater with my jeans and heels. I had one guy who was a bit of an idiot come on to me. But I was trying to put the moves on Jeff (different one, for some reason he has the nickname of Heffay). Anyway,he's super cute and wears these cool nerdy glasses. And he has a good voice. I hung with him during my times at being at the bar where he was seated. When I finally left, after 2am, I said goodbye to him like we were good friends. I only know him from being at the bar and we've hardly talked. I do remember stopping him one night when I saw he'd changed his hair or facial hair, I can't remember. He's too cute not to flirt with, I tell ya.

Today I slept. And when I say slept, I mean really really slept. I fell asleep around 4 last night. And, except for waking up to pee a few times, I stayed asleep until just after 3pm. I know! But, man, did that feel good. I could go to sleep right now. My body needed rest. I know that I sometimes turn to sleep during depression but today it truly was for restoring my energy. Yum.

I have a few days to finish my two articles for the 'zine. I have Saturday off, so the plan is to work on them then.

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