Waiting [ 2007-04-23, 8:37 p.m. ]

Another day, another dollar. I think I got about five hours of sleep last night and the night before I got four. Therefore, when I got home from work today I snoozed for a half hour. It was lovely. Mmmmm...sleep.

Work was ok. It was very slow though. I didn't have a customer for an hour and forty five minutes. I had some browsers but nobody bought anything till almost two hours after we were open. It is times like that when you really want to pull your hair out. More than I usually do!

Tomorrow I will be training one of the other managers in my dept. I'll be doing that once a month until all of them have gotten the training. It will be nice to not have their blank looks when one of my music sellers asks them a question when I'm not around. I'm sure the managers will like being able to know the answers as well though. I think it will be fun too. Laurel is my protege tomorrow and she's always easy to make laugh. Plus, tomorrow Jon will be working and this means I will be dressing up. Even though my prospects aren't high with him (because it's hard for me to stay positive in this area of my life), I think the whole vibe I've been getting from him is not personally related to me. I shared my feelings with Laurel today and she said she'd noticed his mood was darker than usual lately. I'm thinking it might have something to do with this whole situation where Candi has had to put this girl in receiving who can barely understand english. She was originally hired for the cafe but her english is very nil so instead of being able to fire her, because we're afraid of being sued, the only place for her is off the salesfloor. Anyway, I digress. I think Jon might feel threatened in having his hours taken away by this girl, who might not even be able to really do the job.

I'll just have to wait for my moment to be able to talk to him. The only thing is is that I'm not a patient person. And I'm quite horny. That might not help either.

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