It's five o' clock in the morning and you're just gettin' in [ 2007-05-03, 1:19 p.m. ]

Last night was a helluva fun. I took a two hour nap and then headed out there at 10:30. Diane was already there and we went in together. Started sucking down Blue Moon right away. Introduced her to Alison, the bartender. Candy and Dustin showed up soon after. I started off the night of karaoke by singing "What I Am" (Edie Brickell).

Oh,oh. When I first walked in, guess who was sitting at the bar?! Do you remember me talking back in October about Charlie? He was the one who showed me pics of his dick on his phone and propositioned me. So I hadn't seen him since then. And there he was at the bar. He said "Hi" and I immediately started flirting with him. I can't seem to not to. Picture David Spade with long ginger hair and less snark.

Anywho...I had so much yakking with all of them, drinking, singing some more ("Thin Line Between Love & Hate"--Pretenders version, "Hey Pretty" by Poe) Charlie was going to be leaving soon after I got there but I told him that I was there now so things would be picking up. So he did end up staying and hung out with us at our table. I took every opportunity to flirt with him. I don't know what is wrong with me when I'm around him but I can't control it. It's been like since I first met him last summer. It doesn't mean that I LIKE him necessarily but there are some guys that when you talk to them, you tease and smile and get close to. He's one of'em.

At one point, he leaned over to me and asked if I wanted to smoke some pot. So he and Dustin were getting up to go out back and I followed them out. Dustin asked Charlie if it was ok for me to come and Charlie replied "I asked her". Getting an invite to smoke pot is a nice thing. So we gathered romantically at the dumpster out of sight and smoked. And several hours later I was still high. Holy shit, that was strong.

We got Diane to agree to go to a diner with us. And Charlie became the Designated Driver because the rest of us were way past gone. What's funny is that he doesn't have a license right now. But I let him drive my car anyway because I'm extremely smart like that.

But it was fine. I sat up front and kept my arm draped over him. I let him know that my oil light had been coming on when I turn corners. So he pulls in to the gas station and we both got out. He checks the oil and we realize it's almost empty. The diner isn't too far away so we decided to wait till we were all more sober before doing the oil thing. But how cool is he to do that? I love that.

We got to the diner and I really didn't want anything to eat. Dustin however chided me that I should eat. That not eating was not a healthy way to lose way to lose weight. I just said "But I eat and I get hungry again. What's the point?" (I could so easily be anorexic). But he made me order some toast and I asked him "Satisfied, Dad?" Heh. But I appreciate that kind of advice.

The whole time Charlie is sitting next to me in the booth. I kept putting my head on his shoulder and he eventually put his arm around me. I think we there for a couple of hours talking and joking and laughing. So.Much.Fun. And completely what I needed after finding out that Jon had a girlfriend.

Eventually, we got up to pay. While I was the last one to pay and the others were outside, an older waitress that Charlie had given a hug because he's popular like that, told me "You know I was just messing with Charlie. He's a real cutie pie." I just smiled and agreed and realized she thought he and I were together. Heh.

We went back to the gas station and I bought two quarts of oil which Charlie put in for me. There are some times when I'm a complete girlie girl. It's not that I mean to be but my common sense doesn't kick in about certain things. And my car is one of them usually.

We took Diane back to her car and she drove off. Charlie lives basically a half mile away and drove over there in my car. Dustin was in the back still. I got out and walked around to the driver's side and Charlie took my hand and said he'd had a good time. He gave me a kiss near my eye and waved goodbye. Sure I would have liked a real kiss but I have a feeling he knew I was still a bit intoxicated plus there are some other things like this girl he said that was a bit obsessed with him. I think they are kind of together but he's not as involved as her. But why must the guys I like always have ties? Sheesh.

So anyway, I just had lunch and will be going over in a few hours to my mom's to wash clothes and have dinner with my mom. My dad will be having his weekly dinner with his best friend.

Plus, I get to see my furball and give him a big kiss between the ears.

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