Shut. Up. [ 2007-05-04, 10:22 p.m. ]

I was ringing up some items for this guy who was with his wife. As I gave them the bag of items and said thank you, the wife looked at me with this strange smile. I just thought to myself "Ok,whatever". About a half minute later, I'm on the floor and she comes up to me and standsrightnexttome. "Can I talk about something personal with you?" (What the hell do you say to this kind of question?) "Uh. Ok." She said, "Do you have somebody that really and truly loves you?",looking at me intently. I thought "Oh oh. Jesus Freak." I said out loud "Yes, yes I do. Do you?" She nodded, "Yes! The reason I ask is that I was wondering if you were happy. My niece recently lost 200 pounds and she didn't start doing that till I started taking an interest in her". Me,incredulous. "Oh,well good for her" I was relieved to see a customer come up to the counter and she walked away.

Really? She lost 200 pounds because of you? Was she running away?! Holy crap. I know I'm overweight. But it's no business of your's, lady. Some people think they have every right in the world to tell fat people how they should live. I'm losing weight but it has nothing to do with anybody else but me. I related this story to my boss who quickly said "You know that's not true, don't you?" when I said "Does that lady think I have nobody who loves me just because I'm fat?!" She said that was probably the most cruel thing that she's ever heard a customer say to one of her employees. I have about a hundred pounds to lose but I don't look it. Caleb, one of my asst. managers, said I couldn't lose 200 pounds because then I wouldn't even be around. I told him, well thanks but I weigh 256 lbs.

I just don't know about people. I hope she went home and realized what an ass she sounded like. I saw her about to come back into my dept. when I was telling Christie (who was visiting me at the store) that I'd just been insulted Christie wanted to go beat her up. Heh. The lady ventured out of my dept. and didn't come back. Thank God. I'd rather talk to a Jesus Freak anyday.

I also told Jeff, my work husband whom I've worked with off and on with for 13 years now, about this. And he said "By the way, you've really been looking good lately". Aww. I love my work husband.

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