Such Great Heights [ 2007-05-12, 5:45 p.m. ]

I've had an interesting few days since Wednesday.

At karaoke I hung out with Dustin at the bar the whole night. He told me didn't go out Monday night so there was no giving of my number to Charlie. No biggie. Anyway, I sung a couple of times (Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and the Beatles' "Don't Let Me Down"). There was no Jeff the abstinant guy there (Megan who hangs out there had let me know through myspace that for her 21st bday they were going to a hangout place not too far from where I live. But I didn't go since I was in the mood for karaoke. So I think Jeff was probably there).

I drove Dustin home and we sat in his broken down car and smoked the evil weed while talking about the pros and cons of behavioral meds and also about monogamy and about ambition. Ah,pot. The spark of many philosophical conversations and ending with the munchies.

I went home and sent Charlie a message on myspace telling him my phone numbers and talking about the band showcase that the magazine is sponsoring tonight. Plus that I was going to see Ben Gibbard and then Sloan at the Cat's Cradle.

At work the next day (Thursday) I was standing behind the music counter doing something and Jon came up and started talking about the music that was playing (a tribute to Joni Mitchell cd) and then we chatted about whatever. I mentioned the free band showcase and that he should come out. I doubt he will but I did show him my article and he took one so he could read it. (By the way, I now have my magazine displayed in my section with this cool little blurb that Caleb wrote up for me without my asking. He's so sweet.)

After Jon walked back to the receiving room, I was bouncing around for about an hour. That boy is like a drug.

Oh! Also I bought a new phone on Thursday!!! I'm so excited!! I love it. It's the Cingular Sync phone. Sort of looks like the razor phone and has a great camera/video option that is really what I wanted. Yay!!

When I got home on Thursday I checked to see if Charlie had read my message to him by looking in my Sent file. He hadn't but then I noticed that I had sent him something last Friday night. Sure enough I had sent him my number while in my drunken stupor. Oh the mortification. I sent him another message explaining about how I hadn't realized I had sent him that message (it showed he'd read it). Lordy.

Friday I raced home after work and changed clothes into jeans,t-shirt and Chucks. Christie came to pick me up after 4pm and we headed on the road to Chapel Hill to see Ben Gibbard. The concert was fun. The place was packed. Johnathan Rice went on first (he was great), then Dave Bazan (from Pedro the Lion) and then Ben came on. Oh, he was so darn good. Played mostly Death Cab, a few covers and then finished off with an Iron and Wine song (Such Great Heights). I told Christie "I think Ben writes even sadder songs than Ben Folds does. And that's saying something.".

There was a moment just before Ben came on where this couple came up and basically tried to crowd right in front of me. I gave them my best "You've got to be fucking kidding me" face and it worked. Ha!!

We got back into town around 2:30am. I woke up very very late today and checked my myspace page where it showed I had a message from Charlie. I kind of gulped before clicking onto it. But the message was short but cool. He gave me his phone number and mentioned that he wouldn't make it to the band showcase since he doesn't have an id right now. But he gave me his number. Yay! Success!

Tonight I'll be going to the band showcase but I do have to be at work at 9am tomorrow so it won't be a real late night. But it will be fun to see some local bands for once.

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