Straight Up! [ 2007-05-15, 4:24 p.m. ]

Saturday night was good, going to the local band showcase night. I mostly hung out with Jeff and Alison. At one point I flashed back to working the club when I was stamping people's hands. I told Alison "You can't just mash it on their hand. You have to roll it on so it's not one big ink blob."

The first band was good. Their name is Holster and they had a good pop/rock sound. The next was an R/B band from Raleigh. It isn't my style of music but it did sound good live. Next was a local band named IN/V. They were kind of Green Day/Blink 182. Lots of fun to watch. I took off before the last band played because for one-it was past midnight and I had to be up at 7:30am to go to work. And two-it was a jam band which I'm totally not into.

Work was pretty good on Sunday. Afterwards, I picked up dinner from Outback to take to my parents' for Mother's Day. All the food was yummo. I had crab cakes. Drool.

Monday was first spent going to the hairdresser. I was going to have red streaks put in my hair but it couldn't really be done because of the color I dyed my hair a week or so back. They would have had to lighten my hair first to be able to have the streaks show up. No big though. I then had my hair cut. I had her take off an inch and a half. Then she straightened my hair by first brushing it out with the hairdryer aimed on it. Then using the flatiron. Having straight hair really brings out the color,too. So I'm not washing it till Wednesday night after I go out. Even though I had her cut it, it looks longer because of how my curly hair usually shrinks back up. It's pretty cool.

About 4pm, Christie and I drove to Chapel Hill again. This time to see Sloan. We ate at a Mexican place right next door. Mmm...taco salad. Anyway, Small Sins was the opener and sounded so good. They're sort of Joy Division without the suicide.

Sloan went on and I moved forward and was one person away from the stage. I loved them. They were fantastic. They change up instruments and share lead vocals. Just so great. Afterwards, I talked to two of them and each of them were so nice. I was told to drive safely when Jay, the bassist, heard I was heading back that night. And the guitarist, Patrick (?), after I thanked him for the autograph, stopped me and asked my name and shook my hand and thanked me for coming out. These guys rock like no other. Go see them if they come to your town. Great garage rock with indie pop.

Now I'm savoring a day off with nothing much to do. And thinking that bed doesn't sound too bad of an idea.

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