Stood Up [ 2007-05-19, 1:03 p.m. ]

I'm going to become more bitter than I already am if I don't watch it.

I think I was stood up last night. I called his number when I got off work like he'd asked me to. Left a message. Never heard from him. I take comfort in the fact that he is a bit flaky, this is probably what Dustin was trying to say when I asked him to pass along my number to Charlie. He was all "Are you sure? I'm friends with Charlie and he's a good guy and all but...." Gah. I really am trying to not take it personally. I let myself cry a few tears but that was it. But I'm also embarrased at the fact that I mentioned this date to anyone. If anyone asks at work I think I'm just going to say "It was ok" and just change the subject. Lying to save face is not a bad thing.

I actually sent him a message on myspace just asking where he was last night. That I figured he either not home/asleep/or trapped under something and desperately wanted to talk to me. Ok, I stole that last part from "When Harry Met Sally". But I also told him that I would be at Trivia Night at the bar on Sunday by request of the fun folks I met at the bar on Thursday night.

So I wait for an explanation, apology, something. But this is totally why I usully hibernate. And I try to expect nothing so I'm never disappointed.

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