If Wishes Were Horses.... [ 2007-05-20, 12:13 a.m. ]

Ok. I received a reply back from my message on myspace to Charlie. He told me he'd been helping his mom with work and doing yard work and then slept. So he never got my message till this afternoon. He did apologize and promised we'd get together soon. And he does know I'll be there tomorrow night for the trivia night at the bar. So I'm ok. I know he's flaky. Unpredicatable. Unreliable. I mainly want him to hang out with and for the physical part. Nothing serious. I just have to remember that and not let myself get all hepped up about it all.

Next Saturday I've made plans with a co-worker,Syd, to go horse-back riding. I've never ridden a horse and she mentioned that she goes riding at a couple of the parks around town. The ride costs around $20 or so for the hour. I can't wait!! I used to be such a horse freak when I was a kid because I had a friend when I was 10 who was a couple years older than me. She had an afterschool job of mucking stables and whatnot. So I loved the smell of horse manure and hay. Cleaning their shoes. Feeding them sugar cubes. Walking them. Brushing them. But I've never ridden a horse. I would check the paper for horses for sell and then think up how much it would cost to board it. I'm so excited!! ----- Just adding this a bit later. Charlie called me just before 1am. He asked if he I wanted to get together in a bit because he was going to smoke a bong. Do you know how much I don't care that he's a pothead. I love pot. Anyway, I told him that I was trying to desperately finish this article for the magazine and that I had to be up for work in the morning. But I'll probably see him tomorrow night. It was cool that he called me. He even called himself a flake so at least he owns that.

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