I wanna be sedated [ 2007-05-22, 1:09 a.m. ]

This will be an interesting read. I guarantee.

Sunday was a very long day. I had about two hours of sleep from having stayed up Saturday night writing my articles. I got off work at 5pm and scooted on over to my parents where I dined on french toast and I washed my clothes. Got out of there by 8 and headed to my place. Took a shower and cleaned up the bathroom a bit and threw out garbage just in case Charlie should come over.

Then I headed on over to the bar where they were watching "Entourage" before setting up for trivia. Unfortunately two of the people that I had met on Thursday (Alison and Jim) didn't wait around since trivia started so late because of the tv watching. Their other friend, Thomas, was running trivia so after the show was over, he went up and set things up. There weren't many of us in the bar but Ken (co-owner of bar) was there, so at least I knew somebody. I kicked major booty on trivia. Won 4 out of 6 rounds (Wuzzles, theatre,literature,music). I love that a theatre major, bookstore working, music lover/manager got those categories. Hee. I won many beers and even gave one away.

Around 12, Charlie came in after playing in his pool league. We hung for a bit in the bar and then went to my car behind the building. We smoked some pot using Charlie's new and beautiful bong. Thomas was there with us for a bit before leaving. Then we just kept smoking, talking and listening to music. Then..wham! a beer bottle comes right at my windshield on my side. Nice big crack. Talk about a buzzkill. Charlie got out of the car ready to hit somebody but couldn't figure out where it came from. I CSI'd it and concluded it was probably thrown from the front of the building because of the force of the impact. Even while high I'm a nerd.

Have you ever seen the Richard Linklater movie, Slacker? This night totally was feeling that way. Anyway, we eventually left the parking lot and headed on over to my place. We smoked more and listened to music, watched "Rock n Roll High School" (which he'd never seen) and then talked. He's totally not into any kind of relationship with anybody right now. So we're just hanging out friends. There could be something physical, I suppose, but I don't think it's going that way. And you know what? I'm totally ok. Disappointed a little but really fine.

After talking we ended up in my bed while fully clothed. This was around 7am which he'd said he hadn't done for a long time. I like how I'm the bad influence here. Heh. We slept, I missed my therapist at 10am (I really didn't need to be hungover from smoking while talking to her anyway) and actually made it to work on time at noon. I then came home after work and completely crashed in bed. I slept from around 7:30pm to about 12:30am. Boy, was I tired. Of course, now I have to get up around 5am to make it work at 6am on Tuesday. I am so glad I'm off on Wednesday.

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