What's all this fuckery? [ 2007-05-24, 3:06 a.m. ]

Trying to sober up. I think the grilled cheese sandwiches helped. Fat free cheese of course.

Today I slept in (what a shocker!) and then I watched "Music & Lyrics". It was a cute, fluffy movie. Catchy songs, though. I love Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore so it was definitely likeable. I was singing that "Pop Goes my Heart" song and the "Way back to love" song afterwards.

I ate dinner very early then fell asleep again. Woke up about 9:40 and showered and watched the end of American Idol. Jordin Sparks is a good singer but I kind of like Blake, so whatever. I had only been sort of watching the last few weeks anyway.

After AI was over, I ate a sandwich because I was feeling woozy and then set off for the karaoke bar. It was pretty dead tonight but a few people I knew showed up. Marcia came in with a co-worker,Andrew, who is cute and straight and knows music. Huzzah! I told her when she left to ask him what he thought of me. If anything comes of that, I'll let you know. If it doesn't, it's fine. I just like putting myself out there. You never know what might happen.

I sang several times because of the sparse crowd. "One" (U2), "Jolene" (Dolly Parton), "Gloria" (Laura Branigan), "Say it ain't so" (Weezer), a duet with Marcia,"What it takes" (Aerosmith) and "Train in Vain" (the Clash). I sang the hell outta "Gloria".

Tomorrow I work 11-730. Did I mention that Jon put in his notice? Well, he did. So tomorrow I will give him a couple of cds--the Afghan Whigs' "Gentlemen" cd and Belle & Sebastian's "Fold your hands child you walk like a peasant" cd. Two of my favorite albums. I don't know what exactly to say to him but I'll just see how it goes.

Tomorrow night I'll be going to the bar again. Charlie will be kj'ing and I like the people who hang there on Thursday so it should be fun.

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