Will [ 2007-06-11, 2:18 a.m. ]

Let's hear it for an alcohol free evening out!! Yep. I went to the bar to watch the Sopranos finale (see myspace about my thoughts) and then stayed for the trivia night. I won two rounds and gave away my beer. I'm going to be alcohol and cigarette free for at least a month. (though I will not say no to pot...take that Nancy Reagan)

I had a really good time and was just as hyper and wacky without the alcohol as I'm with it. But this time, no depressive elements. Yay for that.

I saw Lindsey there who is nice to hang with. And I asked if she saw Will around very often. Now let me give you the back story. On Wednesday night, she was sitting next to me earlier in the night and this guy walked in. She jumped off her bar stool and gave him a hug. She introduced him as Will. He was about 5'9" or 5'10", shortish dark hair and just the cutest face ever. I was joking with him and said "So, Will. What are you..35, 40?" completely joking because he looks very young. He nodded and said 36. I then said...oh really, you hide it well. He then said "I'm actually 17". I remarked that it was interesting how he was able to drink then. He replied that he charms the bartender. Eventually he was standing up and at one point I got him to admit, after he started laughing about my persistence, that he was almost 26. I said he had a young face and then reached up and pushed his bangs off his face, saying that maybe if he did that, he'd look older. I'm very touchy feely with some guys. He's got this cute,black-Irish look (think Gabriel Byrne without the ruggedness). Sigh. Anyway, after a while I pointed out my latest article in the magazine about "Rock 'n Roll High School". He told me it was the only article he'd read in the magazine and that he's seen the movie several times and love eighties music. I could've kissed the boy. Later on he sang a Cure song and then...well, I can't remember.

But at one point I was leaning near him and said "You know, you're really cute". (I can be direct when I'm not drinking,too,really, so I think the no alcohol thing won't stop me flirting..hell, I would flirt with almost anybody..but he definitely deserved my attention). He slowly grinned and I asked "Are you blushing?" He said he was. Damn. So freakin' adorable. He was really only going to stay to sing one song but I told him he could blame me for staying around to sing another. Once he did leave (close to 1am, I think) he came over and said he would see me there soon, he was sure. Or something like that. Y'all I was drinking. Memory not always completely photographic.

But here's the thing. While I was talking to him and all, my attention kept going back to Eston and I was texting him several, several times with slightly raunchy messages. But Eston's phone can't send out texts right now. I wish I could go back in time and pay strict attention only to Will. You see, I've had two dreams about this guy. He was so normal compared to Charlie, Eston, Ken or Matt. And I mean that in the best way possible. He's an audio engineer and just seemed so sweet, funny and very cute in a hot way,too. I'm really hoping I see him soon.

Anyway to go back to Lindsey, I asked her to say hello to Will for me if she saw him anytime soon. She doesn't know his last name unfortunately or else I'd look him up on myspace. That's how it is with all the people I hang with. We don't always know each other's last names and it doesn't usually matter too much.

So think good thoughts that my path will cross with Will very soon and somehow something develops.

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