More about the Jimster [ 2007-06-30, 12:43 a.m. ]

So...continuing on with my last entry about Jim.

Oh,now. Stop going "uh oh". It isn't like that. At least I hope not. I mean...yes,it could be if he weren't with somebody. Especially somebody as sweet and cool as Allison.

Anyway, yesterday I was off from work. I totally slept too much. And I almost missed my therapy appt. but just arrived a few minutes late. It was a good session. I mainly talked about my need to control my spending and to try to organize my apartment. And yes, I did mention that I'd made new friends.

So later on after the appt. I took a nap and then looked at my cell phone and saw there was a message from Jim. It said "Karaoke tonight?" I replied "Of course!". He wrote back "Rock" to which I replied "Paper scissors". He texted "Dork" and I wrote back "Geek". See why I like this guy? I love the ease of that kind of friendship.

I almost overslept again later on to go to karaoke but I got there just a bit after 11pm. Jim was there already as was Eston sans his g/f so he was naturally flirting with the blond chicks at the table. Thomas was there,too. Charlie was kjing. Almost all my men were there. (Ha!) Jim was sitting at the middle table away from the big crowd using the digital camera. So I opted to sit with him since the Eston table was a bit boisterous. Jim and I smoked, chatted and drank. I went up and sang Laura Branigan's "Gloria" which Thomas told me I killed. He was so funny. More intoxicated than I've seen him before.

If you go to my latest myspace blog you'll see really bad footage that I took on my phone of Jim doing "Whomp! There it is!". He is so. damn. funny. when he gets up on stage. He gets very animated. On the footage you'll see the ham that is Eston horning in but I focused on Jim.

I messaged him when I got home asking if he and Allison would like to go to dinner on Sunday before trivia. He replied that Alli was going to be out of town on Sat and Sunday. And he might be going somewhere as well but would be back in time for trivia definitely. But he said he wasn't really sure if he was going out of town and would let me know. Then he asked if I had a place in mind. I replied that I did.

See? We would go to dinner together. I really love this guy. You have no idea how much I need a guy like this in my life. He is funny, silly, has great taste in music, smart and cute in his own Jim way. I love knowing that we are friends. I don't mean to gush but this is my diary,dang it.

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