I held the moon in my hand [ 2007-07-06, 5:58 p.m. ]

How could I not love this face?

Last night we went to karaoke. Jim,Alli,Brooke and I. I met them in the parking lot so we all walked in together. My posse. My entourage. My protectors. Eston never showed up though. We had a cool time. Alli and I sang "Baby I love your way" (Peter Frampton) at Jim's suggestion and it sounded so good. He posted the vid of it on my myspace profile page. It's very dark but you can hear us. I posted a couple of vids from my phone of Jim singing "Rhinestone Cowboy". God, he is the best. He is the one who left a comment (his myspace is schmakdt or whatever). I also sang the Verve's "Sonnet", Roberta Flack's "First time ever I saw your face" and Fiona Apple's "Criminal".

Two things last night made me heart him even more. He was sitting there and looked around, noticed Alli's purse and Brooke's purse and then said in a panicked voice to me "Where's your purse?!". It was just out of his eye line and I showed him. Another thing was Alli was making me laugh so hard that I put my head on the table and was shaking with the giggles. I looked up and Jim had no idea what was going and had such a look of concern on his face.

And the thing is is that not only do I heart him so. But I love spending time with Alli and Brooke,too. They are so great. But yes, I love just spending time with Jim. That smile is enough to make me happy.

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