The Power and the Light [ 2007-07-08, 11:23 a.m. ]

What a wacky 24 hours. I got home from work yesterday at 5pm and the power was out. There was a huge storm that came through my part of town and knocked down trees everywhere. They were sitting right on power lines,too. It looked like a hurricane came through. Or at least a tropical storm.

So I had to get ready to go out with little light which is always fun when trying to put on makeup. I met up with Jim,Alli,Brooke and Thomas at the bar to watch a band play plus it was Charlie's b-day. Everything was fine for a while and then I looked over at the door and there was Eston and his g/f. I ducked my head down and completely avoided looking at him directly. Eston came over and sat down at our table while my friends are trying to act like nothing is wrong but still looking at me with concern. I was sitting next to Jim and he looked me in the eye and murmured "This is nothing" intensely. Trying to make me believe it. Alli patted my hand and smiled sympathetically. And Brooke pulled a face when Eston wasn't looking. During the next two hours I could feel Eston looking right at me a few times. And I think I heard Eston mutter to Thomas "She isn't even going to say hi" and I think Thomas said "Can you blame her?". Aye yi yi.

Alli and Brooke left early. After a while, Charlie came over and Jim gave him a cake he'd made for Charlie's b-day. Because Jim is like that. He will do these considerate things for somebody he isn't even close to. And the people he is close to..well,you can imagine how even more he takes care of you. The cake was delicious. He was telling me the secret was to slice the cake while it's warm and to put the icing on while it's still warm so it marbelizes into the cake. It was yellow cake with chocolate icing, not my favorite, but my God. I told him I wanted to have sex with that cake it was so good.

Finally, Eston and his g/f left along with several other people who were headed over to Eston's house for a party for Charlie. I was not invited. Of course. Jim was driving him and Thomas so he said he was going to drop off Thomas and then go home since he was teaching Sunday school class the next day. (Yes,that's right)

He was trying to tell me something and when I couldn't hear him because of the band he motioned for me to follow him outside. Then he said he'd call me today when he and Thomas were ready to head over to the restaurant that Brooke waitresses at so we could all have dinner. Other people would have just shrugged off that conversation from earlier in the evening (believe me, I've known plenty of people who never bother to complete plans) but Jim is like that. He makes sure I'm taken care of. I can't tell you just how important that is to me. I had been ready to cry about the evening on the way home but him just saying that to me made me smile instead.

And I know some of you are concerned I'm going to get hurt. But please know that the positives far outweigh the risks to my heart.

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