I'm determined to finish book 7 this week so nobody can spoil it for me [ 2007-07-23, 4:34 a.m. ]

Man, am I glad this weekend is O.V.E.R. It's a good thing I love Harry Potter or else I would really be in a bad mood. Friday was a very long day. I worked a 10 hour day, working 5pm till almost 3am. It was actually a lot of fun but by the end of the night, I was about to fall over. I was crashing after my pixie stick high. Wheeee... I also had glitter all in my hair and on my face plus a temporary tattoo on my face. It was cute.

We sold over 600 books to all the people in line at midnight. We got them in and out of there in less than an hour because we completely rocked it. We were so damn efficient it was incredible.

On Saturday I worked 1pm to just past 9pm. And then Sunday (today) I worked 8am to 4:30. So with all these shifts close to each other, my left ankle and foot had no recoup time and decided to give me a hard time. Plus, the pain in my upper right thigh also thought now would be a good time to hurt. Way to go,body. Way to fucking go.

Anyway, my favorite part of the weekend was tonight. I went to play trivia and Jim showed up alone. Apparantly Alli wasn't in the mood to come out and I don't know where Brooke was. So Jim and I were on the same team and won the whole thing. He and I talked about sports and books and music (of course). I asked him about yesterday when I texted him to show him a picture of my cat (I'm trying to convince him that MY cat is the cutest cat in the world, not his cat). He had texted back "Cute. We're at a cookout at Eston's. He wants you to come over" That had totally taken me by surprise. I texted back "Tell him thank you but I'm working till 9pm" which he responded to "Yuck...I'll tell him." So I asked him tonight about Eston inviting me. He said that Eston had asked him who had texted him, Jim told him it was me and Eston said "Tell her to come on over". Jim said that he and Alli had looked at Eston and said "Are you serious? Do you want me to tell her that?" Eston had said that he doesn't like being mad at people and he doesn't like people mad at him so he said that he meant it. That was pretty nice. He is still a bit of an ass but he doesn't have the strength or desire to hold a grudge against me or anything. And I can let this go if he can. That's why I had texted for Jim to tell him thank you. Jim said he'd made a point of telling Eston that,too.

Anyways..the night was fun just hanging mainly with Jim and sometimes Thomas,who does the trivia. After the game was over, Jim helped Thomas take the trivia gear to Thomas' car. Then I showed them both my new car. Jim is in love with my car, I think. Plus, he was a bit silly because he was a bit tipsy. He is so peppy when he's like that. And adorable. But then he always is. Thomas took off then. And Jim and chatted about my coming out for open mic on Tuesday. (earlier Jim had told me was almost 6'1" when I asked him tall he is. And while I am not always turned on by tall guys, I mean I like shorter guys,too...there is something about men who are tall that just gets me.) So I hugged him and we held each other tight and I still love having to get on my tiptoes for him. As usual, as he was going to his car, we kept finding stuff to say to each other.

I am pretty sure that muffinhead said it best in her last comment on my previous entry... "Oh dear.."

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