I'm awesome [ 2007-07-27, 11:07 a.m. ]

I have been without the internet since Wednesday. It seems longer than two days though. Not having the internet in my house was making me nuts. You don't know how much you rely on it till it is gone. Anyway, it was out because I failed to pay all of a bill. *shrug* I really need a part-time job. Enough about that though.

I went out Wednesday night for karaoke and had an ok time. Thursday was my day off and I started it by going over to my parents' for some clothes-washing and just cuddling with my cat.

I texted Jim about the fact that I had a magazine meeting at 8pm and that I would be at the bar around 10:30. He said he wasn't sure if they were going at that moment. Sigh. Anyway, the meeting went pretty well. They are making some changes to get a bigger audience and distribution. But it shouldn't effect my writing, thankfully. There is this guy,Regis, whom I immediately recognized as the lead singer of this local band, who also writes for the magazine. He is pretty cute in this indie rocker style with bleached blond hair and glasses.

After half of the crew left, he moved over to the table where I was sitting, which I told him was the "cool table". He was getting caught up on who was who and when I introduced myself, he responded by saying "You're Judith ___. Awesome." with this nod of recognition. I laughed and said that was nicest thing anyone had said to me when introduced to me. He said that he had read my writing and apparantly liked it because of the "awesome" comment. We all talked and talked and he and I talked about how he used to work for ther other major bookstore in town and we compared stories. He's looking for a job right now and asked if our store was hiring. I said I think that we are and for him to mention my name when he fills out an application. It was nice to have a conversation with a cute guy that I'm not in love with.

Anyway, I went to the karaoke bar, texted Jim to see about his status and he said it was a no. I felt my heart drop. I then texted him "That is too bad. I won't see you around till next Tuesday." After a few minutes he texted back asking when I was leaving on Sunday (I said around 10am or so). Then he asked what I was doing on Sat, to which I responded "Working till 7:30". Then he said that as long as he can get out of this family party that Alli and Brooke are going to, he was going to have a mini-party at his place with Thomas and Eston. I told him that sounded good. Partying the boys! Ha. So I will call him when I get off work on Saturday.

It made me smile knowing that he wanted to see me as well. I was having an erotic fantasy about him last night, which I don't always do when I'm thinking about sex. I get embarrassed thinking of a real person that way. (explains a lot, doesn't it?!) But just picturing him that way made me warm all over and short of breath. Jesus.

So...today I will be working till close and trying to prep my dept. for the change over of displays. And trying to not think too much about Jim without his shirt on.

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