I'm a million different people from one day to the next.. [ 2007-07-30, 6:34 p.m. ]

I posted the following on myspace:
The Travis concert was bloody fantastic. I went to Atlanta to see them at the Tabernacle. It's a great venue. An old church converted to a club, It has two balconies around 3/4 of the building and then there is the standing room in front of the stage. Which means, we were so close to them since it was general admission. By the time they were ready to come on, it looked like the place was close to capicity. Loving them as I do, I would expect nothing less.

The lights dimmed and the stage crew came out on the stage with big flashlights as the Rocky theme blared. Eventually they pointed the lights towards the back of club and we all realized that the band was coming to the stage from that direction. The security crew was clearing a path through the crowd and that's when I realized they were coming right past me! The band was dressed in boxing robes befitting the music playing and the bass player slapped my hand as he came by me. It was cool and dry, by the way. While mine was probably warm as usual and slightly sweaty with excitement.

They got up on stage, took off their robes showing regular clothes on and then started playing their latest single "Selfish Jean" from The Boy with No Name. I managed to take some snippet videos on my camera phone but I swear to God, one day soon I need to buy a digital camera to take to my concerts.

They came back for an encore and started it with their brilliant cover of Britney's "Hit me,baby,one more time". If you've never had it, you must get it now. Then they played "Flowers in the Window" and "Why Does it always Rain on Me?" and then...then! they did a kick-ass version of "Back in Black". Yes, the band that does these gentle sounding songs can rock out on stage. They are even better live than on their best cds, so go see them the next chance you get. I know I will.

If you want to see the videos I have them on my myspace videos. I couldn't get them to imbed in the blog. Grr.

Aside from the concert, which I was really, on the way down, not sure I wanted to go to anymore. And only because I couldn't be at Thomas' party on Sunday. I fretted about it until the concert but I was so glad I went there.

Later on in the night, I texted Jim about if they party was still going and how many people came to it. He texted back "No..ended miserably..tell you about later reckon." This was at 1:17a.m.

So now I'm burning with curiousity.

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