Hades [ 2007-08-10, 3:56 a.m. ]

Stupid,stupid sunburn. Ow. Ow. I went to the Projekt Revolution concert yesterday (Wednesday) and while I managed to not get the front of me sunburned, my back got it. Mainly because when we were seated, the sun was going down and aiming right at me. And I was stupid and didn't put on sunblock on my back. So stupid. And I have no man around to lovingly put aloe on it.

Speaking of a man...today I spoke with Jim by IM for a little bit. He was working from home and drinking wine while he did some kind of programming thing on the computer. So, much later on I texted him "Karaoke tonight?" and he texted back that "no,I just woke up from passing out after a bottle of wine..going back to bed now..never slept last night". I just wrote back "Ha! Sweet dreams!". Sigh. Apparantly from the IM today, things aren't going that well but I don't know what that means exactly. I really do want to call him tomorrow and see if I can swing by his place, if he's alone, after I get off work at 8:30. I just want to talk and catch up about life. I saw him Saturday night when he and Alli came by to give me my monitor but not since then. I hate that.

I did go to karaoke tonight and Nicole and I hung out. I sang some things I hadn't sung before: "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour;"Stardust" which I know sung by Nat King Cole and Linda Ronstadt. This arrangement was odd but I did ok;"Strange Currencies" by REM. This is from the MONSTER cd and Thomas performed it at the open mic week before last and I fell in love with that song again. Love it.;"Black" by Pearl Jam. I was thinking of Jim while I sang it since he loves them.

So I've been reading HP7 tonight and really need to pack it in since I work 12-8:30 tomorrow.

By the way,it's supposed to be 103 degrees here tomorrow.

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