Whip it good [ 2007-08-13, 2:03 a.m. ]

It is about 2am and it's 80 degrees outside. I am sooooo tired of summer. I realize I live in the wrong place to not like hot weather but this is stupid. I'm only in my panties. I'm uncomfortably warm. The window unit around the corner in the kitchen is running, the box fan aimed into my bedroom is going and the fan that I have trained on my bed is twirling away. To very little effect. Oh, how I long for the crisp days of Autumn. As much of a drag it is to be shiveringly cold, at least I can put layers on and get past it and into a nice toasty house. If I lived at the beach, it might be a different story. Of course, my sunburn itching and still being a bit of a pain to me is not helping my situation here. Grrr.

Today I went to the record store and sold a most of my dvds, alot of cds and a few LPs. I received $264 in cash. Woot!! I will be depositing it into the bank at 9am sharp tomorrow. Sigh of relief. One crisis averted, only an infinite number to go!

There is a guy at the karaoke bar that I will call S. He is one of my myspace friends now. I've sort of known him for a while but haven't really hung out much with him till a couple months ago. One night at the bar I had been sitting at a table sort of by myself but with also Brandy, Charlie's g/f, sitting there looking at the song book. I came back from the bar or wherever and there was S. sitting there at the table. So we ended up hanging out the rest of the night. The thing you have to know about S. is that he's about 5 foot, has long hair, he's intelligent and funny as hell and sings rock n' roll and plays guitar in a pretty decent local band. He's pretty awesome. So since that night, he and I usually end up hanging together, most of the night at least.

Since he's one of my myspace friends, we sometimes message each other about our bulletins. He loves making fun of my old car and he did so yet again today. He said I could slap him if I wanted to. I wrote back "SLAP! No, wait, I'll do it in person next time I see you". He then wrote back "I'm looking forward to it!". Then we discussed his masochistic tendencies since he usually participates in the bi-monthly fetish/goth show. Yep. That's right. Anyway, I said I would see him on Wednesday.

I swear. I can't say that I'm attracted to him necessarily. But I am intrigued by him in a way. He's fun to talk with at least. And I do need something fun to distract me.

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