Wino Jim [ 2007-09-01, 4:18 a.m. ]

So I'm now on vacation. Woot! Actually, it will officially begin once I finish the dang yearly reviews that are due by Tuesday. Grrr. But I will just have to deal. Probably end up banging them out on Monday knowing me.

Wednesday and Thursday nights I went to karaoke, of course. I had a good time both nights though I did leave early on Wednesday because there really weren't any regulars to hang with. All these just out of college types buying shots and spending lots of cash. Which is something I don't mind really since it's good for the bar. Thursday was a very slow night there but we still had fun. I drank 4 beers and was pretty toasted. I texted Jim after two beers saying that I was officially on vacation. He texted back "Lucky.." I texted back "Yes I am" and then I texted once more with "I am very lucky to have you for a friend". He wrote back "Damn straight.. :)". Hee.

Today I had to get up at decent time because my therapy appt. was at 10am. Why I scheduled it that early (yes,that's early for me,people), I do not know. My first day of vacation! Anyway, after my appt. I went and spent too much on needed things at the drug store. I also went to the neighborhood camera store and got a roll of film developed. I'm going to put some on flickr if you want to take a look at Jim playing from Tuesday night. Plus, a few other pics.

Then I watched two movies today. "Vacancy" and "Premonition". What a waste of time!! They weren't awful movies but with the people in them, Luke Wilson and Sandra Bullock respectfully, I expected more for some reason. Especially from Sandy. I love her in most things.

So tonight I went over to Jim's where Alli was showing up just as I got there. Jim had gone to Trader Joe's and gotten their cheapo wine. One case (12 bottles) for less than $40!! And it was pretty good wine,too. We watched the Bourne movies that I brought over. Ate some of the delicious banana bread that Alli had made. As Alli drank a couple glasses of wine, the more she let her bitterness show about the Brooke/Jim situation. It startled me and made me uncomfortable but what was I going to do?

Right at the end of the second movie, Eston and Sarah showed up. Jim was showing Eston how on his myspace he'd put up all these vids and pics of Tuesday night. A bit later I was showing Jim how I'd put a new pic for myself on myspace. It's one of me with my family when I was about 3 or 4 years old in my Easter dress. I said "I think that was the last time I was cute". Jim vehemently shook his head and said "Impossible!". Ha. When Jim is drinking wine he is quite funny. Not that I don't like sober Jim more but wino Jim is entertaining.

I was able to talk to him once by himself when we were outside. I mentioned about how I'd talked to my boss about my lateness issues. He told me he's hardly ever on time for work and that depression does have something to do with it for him. God. I just want to grab him and hold him and let him just know how special he really is. That wasn't the time for it but I have no qualms doing that. In fact we were looking at a vid of him when he had this hideous looking goatee and sideburns and I told him I was very glad I'd met him after he'd shaved it off. He defended it but I told him that it detracted from his cute face.

Another thing tonight was just how he kept kidding around with me and we had a slap fight a couple of times. He even hugged me to apologize for jokingly calling me a bitch. Heh. Wino Jim. He also dances a lot in that state. Like I said,..entertaining.

Not sure the next time I'll be seeing him but most likely it will be Tuesday, if not before.

This is a video that Jim put up on youtube. He has about 40 different videos of mostly performances by other people on his you tube account (under Schmakt). Anyway this one is one of the songs he wrote "Octobersong" and he's the one sing/talking. The song finally starts about 1 minute in so be patient. The infamous Eston is the one on the right playing bass.

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