Mr. McLovin [ 2007-09-07, 6:09 a.m. ]

Holy shit. I think I'm still high. After the karaoke was over, Charlie invited me and a few others to come back to his apartment to "blaze" as he calls it. So his g/f, B., another lady who is about my age, Sheila, who works with B., John (the cute guy who usually does Eminem songs well and now loves to talking to me about anything Judd Apatow related. He's only 21 but hmm...), and also Q. , who is actually Charlie's roommate.

So we sat around getting stoned as hell. I mean, baked. Like apple pie baked, dude. I was laughing so much and just eventually disolving into my own private jokes. And I kept sending vibes John's way because, hey, why not? I think it was my comment when he said "I only get high when I'm about to get laid" and I asked him "What do you do if you're going to get a blowjob?" to which he just answered "Smoke a cigarette". Heh. He's sexy in that Eminem kind of way.

But as he and I both were leaving, we were the last of the guests to leave and this was after 5am, I went one way quickly to my car. And he was parked in another direction out of the building. So I don't know. I doubt it's anything but I like talking to a cute guy about Judd Apatow.

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