You are such a retard [ 2007-09-08, 2:23 a.m. ]

It took me a while to get out of the bed this afternoon. I did have a bit of a pot hangover but nothing bad really.

Jim and I decided to just get dinner together at this small, cheap Mexican restaurant. He really wants to get some stuff done with his comic book collection and since Alli is busy working this weekend, he wanted to seize the opportunity. He called me when he got home from work at 7:30 and said for me to come by his place first so we could smoke a little and then go to the Mexican place. So yes, I got high yet again! Not stoned but definitely high. I did drive us eventually to the restaurant where we just had one of those conversations where we talk about absolutely nothing and give each other a hard time about anything. It is so funny how we can talk about very serious to each other but then other conversations are just out-sarcasming (that sounds dirrty) each other. He hates being wrong. Such a stubborn boy. So I'm always gleeful when I do something faster or I'm correct about something over him. Heh.

We went back to his place after eating and drank a beer, listened to music, teased each other more, smoked more pot and I eventually left around 10:30ish to go to the bar.

I hate how much I love him sometimes. I did want to talk about the virginity thing with him but he and I were both either drunk/stoned so it just wasn't the time for it. Sometime in the next couple weeks, I hope for him to learn the Concrete Blonde song "Days and Days" that we've chosen to do for open mic in the future. He just needs to get the guitar part down which I know he can. He mentioned he also wanted to get somebody on bass for it.

Anyway, I know I'll have chances to really talk to him. So tonight was fun, just hanging out. I give him such a hard time, I love that. He was trying to tell me I was doing something wrong when I was looking for a song on his iTunes but it turned out I was right. He grumbled and I just started laughing "Man, you hate to be wrong!". He's too damn funny. This is all done in the spirit of arguing with each other for fun's sake. That's my favorite type of communication. My dad and I used to do that all the time while I was growing up and even now. My mom will sometimes tell us to stop but we look at her and then each other and say "What? We were having fun." I am weird. My dad is weird. And Jim is so adorably weird.

So, yea, I went to the bar. It was really crowded, this being Friday and all. Charlie was the kj again. I signed up for Tom Petty's "American Girl" and then much later on did "Express Yourself" a la Madge. I hung out with some of my regular types that I always hang with. Just took a seat at the table and ta da...I'm there. It's so weird how that's happened. I'm a part of that crowd. Accepted. Liked. High School should have been more like that.

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