Spinning Plates [ 2007-10-13, 1:03 a.m. ]

Am I okay? I'm trying to decide. I went over to Jim's apartment tonight. Alli is out of town so it was just he and I. Nothing major going on. We were going to practice the song we were hoping to perform some time at open mic but he can't find the tabelature for it. So until he does or unless we figure out a different song...well,it's a no go for now.

So we watched "Deal or No Deal", which I've never watched. And watching bad tv with Jim is so much fun. He is so impatient. He said if he had his own tv channel then all the game shows would be ten minutes long. Plus, all the fictional shows would be set in the same universe. No more having a different president in one show. That kind of thing. Which I think would be cool.

We smoked weed and just hung out for the most part. Went and picked up pizza for ourselves. Watched some baseball which he has no patience for either though I tried to explain to him that it isn't the destination in baseball so much as the getting there. You have to enjoy it for what it is.

I played and petted his cat who has taken a liking to me. So cute. Just like his owner. Which reminds me. Jim is trying to grow back those sideburns that I have only seen in pics. I told him not to do it. But he doesn't listen.

We watched the Christian ministry channel which seems to be hosted by Stephen or Daniel Baldwin. I thought it was Daniel though. It was hysterical. These young Christian rock bands (whom I have nothing against really) are talking to him and they are talking about how they have reached out through skateboarding to help save people. Then they show some video of these guys skating and it was no big whoop. I don't think I felt my soul being saved by the very tame tricks they were performing.

We watched the local Fox news and laughed at their tabloid like way of doing the news. Then we watched the Edge which is their show afterwards where they're supposed to be all hip and editorializing. Now that's fun to laugh at.

He and I didn't really talk seriously. Didn't really come up. Which I think is ok. But...I just feel off. This whole week I've been off. It's like I'm in my own little bubble. And it isn't good. And it isn't awful. I'm existing. He hugged me goodbye and I wanted to hang on but I didn't. Because I can't.

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