Truth [ 2007-10-28, 1:41 p.m. ]

So this is the email I just got from my friend, Christie:

So anyway I had graded around 80 of those papers and my husband, who is from M.A. and has been a Red Sox fan his whole life, decided that he would sacrifice game three of the World Series and take his ever expanding wife to an event that she was so excited about... Dave Eggers at Novello. We are standing in line and there are these people - a guy and a girl- behind us eating something - maybe hotdogs or burritos - I'm not sure, but they were very, very close to us and the guy looked so familiar to me. I kept looking at him and thinking that I knew him somehow. Then I realized who he was... it was your man - I can't remember his name, but I think it's Jim - long hair, ponytail. The girl that was with him had purple hair. Anyway, I thought that was pretty funny that I recognized him from the picture you sent. So maybe I can support your crush a little bit since he has good taste in books - hee, hee!

She had no idea that was going to send me right back down again. Because yes, it's true. He was in town this weekend but felt he couldn't tell me that, I guess. I feel sick.

....I'm adding this a few hours later. I'm calmer. And I just need to stop overreacting. Yes, I miss him terribly and want to spend more time with him. But just because he doesn't tell me all of his plans doesn't mean he is doing it on purpose. I am still sad. I am still feeling hopeless. But I know, in my heart, he is not doing this to me on purpose.

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