Bullseye [ 2007-10-30, 9:35 p.m. ]

Hello! Guess who just got offered a job at T@rget today!! Moi!! I went in there after work, filled out the computer application. It tells you when you're finished to pick up the phone and let a team member know that you just filled out an application. I did so and they had a team leader come to talk to me. She wasn't going to sit down with me but I did mention that I had communicated with their HR person. So she went to see if the HR person was there. The team leader came back and waved me into their office where she did a first interview. Then, since the HR gal wasn't available, the store manager sat down and did my final interview. Tried to recruit me to management, she liked me so much. She offered me a job (contingent upon my drug test tomorrow. which will be fine since I haven't smoked weed in over two weeks.) and once they get the results of the drug test they'll call to set up orientation for me. I hope to have 20-25 hours. They'll pay me $7.50 an hour (which is better than what we start people at) and use me on the sales floor. She said my talents would be wasted at the register (and it takes a certain kind of person not to go insane from an 8 hour register shift). So I'm definitely happy about that. :)

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