Muse [ 2007-11-02, 9:03 p.m. ]

Nothing like a nice hot shower on a chilly night.

I came home to a message on my machine telling me when my orientation at T (that is what I'm going to try to remember to use for T@rget so I don't have to keep typing it out). That meant that I passed the drug test! Huzzah! And of course the time for the orientation won't work because I always open on Tuesdays so I have to call back on Monday morning to make sure I can do it at night or whenever.

Yesterday, I went to see "Into the Wild" with Christie (she's now 7 months pregnant. I can't believe how quickly time goes). The movie made me cry in several places. The first time was when Chris, played by Emile Hirsch, says to another character something like "I'm going to stay right here beside you until you feel better" and the way he said reminded me so much of Jim that it almost frightened me. Chris reminded me so much of Jim in several parts. I listened to the audio book on my way up to DC and I don't recall seeing it then. But up on the big screen, the comparison was haunting. God. And the way it ended for Chris was so tragic that ...well, I don't think Jim would ever do something like what Chris did really, that part isn't in his nature. But with how much he withdraws into himself, I can see him trying to just get away from anything and anybody.

But also, like Chris, everybody loves Jim. He's nice. He's sweet. He's caring. Chris' death was even more tragic with how much the world lost when he died. He is somebody I would've loved to have known. But, I'm thankful that I have somebody just as smart and kind in Jim. I will most likely see him tomorrow night when we go see Eston play at some club.

I completely wussed out on Halloween because I was so exhausted from work and no sleep. I didn't go to the big scarefest thing with Jim and Alli. I just passed out and ocassionaly heard trick or treaters going around the neighborhood. All my lights were off so they knew not to knock.

I have written a paragraph and a half in my NaNo novel. Not a good start but I haven't found my muse yet. I'm sure it will come.

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