On a clear daze [ 2007-11-09, 8:42 p.m. ]

Oy. I have to go back to work tomorrow. Actually, both works. I have the orientation at T at 10am. Then I go to the bkstore at 3pm to close. Of course, the first day at T will be all paperwork and getting to know the company policies and things like that I'm guessing. I know I'm fairly smart and all but I really hope I can catch on quick to everything. Like I don't go drifting off when something is being explained to me. I do that sometimes. It's very irritating.

I called in sick to work on Wednesday. I honestly did feel yucky when I woke up but felt a bit better later. I had my psychiatrist appt at 5pm just to see how my meds were doing. I also had Thursday and today off. Didn't do much, as usual. I did watch two movies. "Closure" which starred Gillian Anderson and was not that good. "Mr. Brooks" which I liked.

Oh and I had to let my landlord know that my rent is going to be two weeks overdue. Thankfully, she sent me back an email thanking me for the heads up and wishing me luck on my new pt job. So that was nice.

Still worrying about tomorrow but I guess I'll deal. It's just that I haven't started at a new job for a new company in 14 years. It's freaking me out.

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