First day jitters [ 2007-11-11, 1:22 a.m. ]

Oh,boy. Am I glad today is over. It wasn't awful or anything but towards the end of it, my stress had caught up to me.

Orientation at T went fine. It was just paperwork, dvds explaining pretty standard stuff and a store tour. I got my training schedule. I don't go back again till Tuesday night. So I'll be at the bkstore 7-330 and then go to T from 5-11pm. Then the next day I'll be at the bkstore 7-430 (cause I have one personal day I'm taking that has only 7 hours) and then go to T 530-11pm. Whee! But actually I want more hours than that. So maybe I can convince them to let me come in another day this week.

So after that I went to the bkstore after stopping off quickly at my parents' house for a potty stop. My stomach was suddenly protesting and I felt very nauseated. I'm not positive why really. I hadn't eaten anything but maybe it was a way of letting my stress out. Literally. Ugh. I got to work on time and eventually felt better.

We were pretty busy at the store. Foreshadowing of the big rush coming. I wasn't able to get much done and I felt like my poor little dept. needs some TLC from me but with me needing to burn off this time off I have left, I can't do much. Next time I'll take them all together so I can be at the store more. It's distressing to feel like I don't have enough time to get it all done. I really need a music lead (sort of like a right hand person who has more responsibility than an average music seller) but my dept. doesn't make enough yet for me to qualify. Damn.

Anyway, towards the end of the night my back started to flare up which is what it did to me yesterday when I wasn't even doing anything! Grrr. Now that I'm at home though it's a bit better. I still might use my back massager thing and my heating pad.

I have tomorrow off which means football. And Dexter. And Brotherhood. And the Amazing Race. That's a full day.

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