Make me a poster of an old rodeo [ 2007-11-15, 2:35 a.m. ]

Thanks for your comments on yesterday's entry. I'm feeling so much better today. More positive. And though that might be the alcohol talking, it feels nice to have a fresh start.

I went to the karaoke bar tonight and had such a good time. It was not too crowded but not dead either. Just right. I had severallll drinks. I didn't get drunk but got nicely lit.

My night there started with me sitting at the bar. This guy whom I've seen in there a long time but we've never really talked started chatting with me. He ended up telling me about how he does a couple of bumps (I'm guessing that means cocaine) before going out so he can drink and not feel too horny when he's out so he's not just trying to get laid. He can just have a good time. I'm like..."Um,that's great". What do you say to that? Anyway, he ended up telling me how he got the nickname Slappy. It was when he played rugby and how when he would score, he pulled down his pants and you could hear his "large member", as he called it, slapping against his thigh. Oh,my. Why do guys say things like that? Oh,wait. I know why. But I wasn't tipsy yet so it was really wasted on me. Tipsy me might've done more than just laugh. Who knows? He's in his late thirties and kind of good looking but definitely an odd guy.

After that I was hanging out with one girl and then hung out with Dustin and Slice. That's when people who saw me as they came in came over to me to say hello. I felt like the popular girl in the cafeteria in school. It was funny and quite nice and cool. :)

I sang four songs. "Heart of Glass"-Blondie, "Jolene"-Dolly Parton, "Angel from Montgomery"-Bonnie Raitt, and "Radio Free Europe"-REM. I loved doing all of those but especially the last one. It sounded really good.

I have tomorrow off. A therapy appt. at 4pm. But nothing major really. I think I will look online at jobs to see what is out there that is less corporate minded and a bit more mellow. I don't mind the busy times but I don't want to drive myself insane at my second job. Like Dustin told me to tonight, "The good thing about having a second job is that you can always quit it." Ha.

I flove my bar. And my bar people.

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