Bad case of loving you [ 2007-12-01, 2:37 a.m. ]

I had an interesting evening. First off, my day was kind of boring at work so I sent myself home a half hour early. Whee!

Then, when I got home I talked with Jim by IM and we were talking about what he was doing tonight. Nothing much apparantly. He asked what I was going to be doing. I told him going to the karaoke bar. He said that he and Alli might show up. I didn't hold out much hope for that though. I've heard this before!

So I put on jeans, my slip-on black walking shoes, a t-shirt and my favorite brownish wool sweater which has a hole in the sleeve. I think I've had that thing for over five years. But it's my favorite winter item. And I just didn't feel like getting all tarted up to go out. Just some makeup and jewelry and that was it.

I got there and it wasn't real crowded but still, the bar was pretty tight and all the tables were taken. I squeezed myself between two of the regular guys and got my beer and checked out the karaoke book. I chose Robert Palmer's "Bad Case of Loving You" as my first song. After I signed up, I just sipped on my beer and leaned against the bar watching the stage. I then heard somebody yelling my name and finally realized it was coming from the booth near me. It was S. who is in a band in town and a regular there. I came over and hugged him and sat down with him and a couple of his friends. Somehow, after a little bit I ended up alone at the table. While contemplating when I would leave, Jim is all of a sudden standing in the booth and ruffling my hair. You could've knocked me over. With him was Alli and I got up and hugged them both. I forgot to mention that Eston was also there with his younger brother at a table across the way. When I first came in, Eston hugged me and introduced me to his brother. But I didn't feel like Eston are really at a point where I am just going to say "Can I sit with you guys?". I think I could have though and it would have been ok.

Anyway, we all sat with Eston and his brother. I was next to Alli who was next to Jim. Eventually I got up and sang the Robert Palmer song, which went fine. I had also signed up for "Brass in Pocket" by the Pretenders. When I went up for that one, the kj filling in for Matt had hit the wrong button and had to figure it out. While he was doing that, I heard somebody yell "That's my cousin!". I didn't think they were talking about me but a few seconds later, my cousin, Pam comes bounding up to hug me!! She lives here in town but I so rarely see her. That is awful. After I sang, which really went well, I gotta say, she sat with me for a while while we chatted and got each other's phone numbers. I really hope we can hang more together. She's a lot of fun and one of those cousins that we saw a lot when we were all growing up.

2am rolled around eventually and Jim, Alli and I all left at the same time. I got a hug from them both and said I was glad to see them out. I had told Alli that I was to blame for them being there since she's not that fond of going out to bars much. She said she forgave me. Heh.

So...just when I feel alone in the bar, I get people calling my name. Running up to me. My cousin hugging me. Pretty damn cool.

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