Chronic [ 2007-12-10, 9:59 p.m. ]

Oh, yes's a cold. Just call me Sneezy.

I managed to take care of the electricity bill with a credit card that I just got in the mail today. Just in the nick of time. I really didn't want to bug my parents with that.

The Christmas shopping season really got into full swing this past weekend. And even today, Monday, it was busy busy busy. Kept me hopping. I do like the making of money. I remind myself of Lucy in the Peanuts Christmas where she shakes her can of nickles "Nickles nickles nickles!".

Because of this stupid cold and the feeling of being on the edge of nothingness, I'm starting to feel cut off again. It is sort of the hibernation syndrome. I'm watching too much tv. Sleeping a lot. Surfing the 'net way too much. Thinking of something physically that is really starting to worry me. Remember the deal with my dad? With how he went into the hospital for a procedure because he'd had numbness in his legs? Well, this has been happening to me now. On my right leg above my knee. Sometimes it just feels numb. Other times it's like pins and needles stabbing me. A kind of cold and hot sensation. It kind of feels like something liquid is going down my leg but it's nothing. When I had a couple days off in a row, it subsided. But because of my work, where I'm on my feet most of the time, it starts off kind of painful. Then sort of settles into that numbness thing for the most part.

With my dad, I know they first tried just having him do more exercise to help the circulation in his legs. I know that I don't want to do much walking but I'm sure there are other ways of getting the circulation moving. This is stupid. Most of you will say "go to the doctor!!". As I would probably tell somebody else. But I have no GP and I don't want to pay the cost (outside of insurance) to go to a walk-in place. The pain does scare me sometimes. All the things wrong with me in a physical way are really adding up. I'm sure most of them could be helped by losing weight. And I do plan on it.

This will sound silly but I bought something off the tv from an infomercial. It's the Six Week Body Makeover Plan. I got it in the mail and plan on starting it as soon as the holidays are over. Because I know I'd never stick to it during the holidays. So we'll see how that goes. I have high hopes. I like the plan from what I've looked at. And I really do better, diet-wise/lifestyle change, with a kind of structured plan.

This is me saying...achoo.

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