Yawn [ 2008-01-03, 4:26 a.m. ]

I'm back again. With some good news.

My benefits people approved my hardship loan and I should have a check in a few days. The woman in benefits really did help me out a lot. I told her I was very thankful for her help.

My sister,Christy, and her husband,Kevin, came this past weekend. I worked on Saturday during the day. Then went over to my parents' house and then Mandy and her gang came over. We had tons of food and exchanged presents. I received some really cool stuff. Gift cards. I've already spent my Blokbuster one and Wally World one.

Sunday I was off and my Mom and Christy and I went to Target to shop and return the gift that Mama had given me. I bought some things for my bathroom (shower caddy, toilet paper holder and towel holder). We had coffee at the Starbucks there and chatted.

After we watched the wonderful Redskins game where they beat Dallas, my sisters and I went out doing some shopping and basically just laughing our asses off. We went to the Steak 'n Shake where these 21 year old guys sat next to us and we bantered back and forth about the Redskins/Dallas game. There is nothing like a Dallas fan trying to tell you that they didn't care about the game so that's why they lost. PishPosh. They were cute and funny,though.

Anyway, I got about 3 hours of sleep Sunday night and went to work 8-430 on Monday. That would be New Year's Eve. So by the end of the workday I was just exhausted because we were very busy and I had to do all kinds of stuff with our displays. I went to rent some movies and then went to my Mom's to give her a bday present. She turned 70!

Then I went home. I did text with Jim about what we were both doing. He invited me over but, while I couldn't believe I was doing this, I declined. I was just too fucking tired. I felt fine about staying home but was also happy that he invited me over. Best of both worlds. I watched "Deathproof", which fucking rocked. Then I fell asleep at 1am. I did call Jim at midnight and talked with him and Alli. They held up the phone so Eston and Sarah could also yell "Happy New Year!" to me. Hee. It was sweet. We might be going out on Friday night. We'll see.

I was once again tired from work today and fell asleep by 6pm and woke up at 1:30am. Made some food and now I'm rewatching "Planet Terror" with Robert Rodriguez's commentary.

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