When you smile the sun peeks through the clouds [ 2008-01-10, 2:32 a.m. ]

I had an intention to go out tonight. But that did not happen. But! I did go out last night. Without meaning to do so either.

I got off work and rented some movies. But, of course, I nodded off around 8pm. At about 9:30 I heard my cell phone telling me I had a text message. I looked at it and it was Jim texting that he would be at the bar for a while. I was still groggy and knew my hair was not up to par and texted that I planned on going there tomorrow night. He texted back something insulting and I said takes one to know one. Cause we're both adults.

I sat for a few minutes watching tv and thought about how I hadn't seen him in over a month. And wanted to kick my own ass. So I texted to him asking how much longer he'd be there and he said at least an hour. So I put on some jeans, my favorite baggy black sweater, black slip-ons and put my hair back in a headband that I just got. Some foundation, lipstick and jewelry and I rocketed out the door.

I got there and saw Jim sitting at the end of the bar. I zoomed over, he exclaimed "Hey,she made it" remarked on liking my headband and gave me a hug. I then realized that Alli was sitting there and gave her a hug. Then, Brooke who was a few chairs away demanded a hug. I went over to her and talked for a few minutes. I really have missed her. She's fun to talk with.

I gave Jim a little book that I'd bought at work called Reasons to Smoke. It's a really funny book. And then Alli told me that he'd started giving up smoking the day before. That's me. I'm the one who puts temptation in your path. Geez. I don't care though. The book is funny! And Jim liked it so that's all that counts.

During the night, Alli and Jim went outside to practice a song for the open mic. After a long while, Alli came back in complaining about how she and Jim couldn't have a conversation without getting into a fight. I'm sorry but..what? She seems to be the one picking the fight whenever I see them. I just don't get it.

Anyway, Brooke and I had a good conversation while they were gone. I asked her all about living in Costa Rica and she seems pretty happy about living there and teaching. I'm happy for her. Her birthday is this Friday but we'll be celebrating it Saturday night. Not sure what we'll be doing but I'll hopefully see her before she goes back.

When all three of them set off, I also decided to go. I was told to not be a stranger by the co-owner and his g/f. That's always nice. Eston hugged us when he saw us leaving and told me I looked good. It's kinda funny since I spent little time on my appearance.

Out in the parking lot, I hugged Brooke and Alli goodbye. And Jim gave me a good tight hug. God, I love him. I care so much about his happiness and just want him to be in a relationship where he's appreciated. Even if he were to end up with Brooke again, I think I would be better with that than how Alli treats him. She's not a bad person at all but I'm sick of feeling like I want to shake her and tell her to stop it and just move on with her life. Gaaaaah!

Anyway, I ended up watching "Criminal Minds" and "Project Runway" tonight. Then I watched the movie "Sunshine". I'm not much into sci-fi so the movie didn't always engage me but it was a good movie anyway. Just not my usual style.

Off again tomorrow. More movies to watch. And maybe...just maybe going to the bar and seeing Charlie for the first time in a couple months or so.

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