I could sleep [ 2008-01-14, 1:00 a.m. ]

My dreams are so surreal yet cool lately. I mean, I've always had very vivid dreams but lately it seems like I'm having love scenes with lots of great guys. Today it was Ryan Adams. Which has happened before. In one dream a while back he asked me to be his girlfriend. I hated waking up from that one. In the dream today, I was living with my parents again but he was also living there. He didn't talk much to any of us. He was working on writing his next album. I got up the courage to talk to him and ask him how his album was going.

He started talking to me and bent down low to me. I noticed that he had something carved on the side of his face almost like a tattoo but it was dripping blood. I still can't remember what it said though. So his mouth is close to mine and we end up sort of kissing but he backs up.

Then I'm in the middle of nowhere with my mom in the passenger seat of the car. We're driving someplace for some purpose that I don't remember. All of a sudden we drive straight into a lake that is very very cold. Ryan is there with somebody else and we're all laughing. I climb out and don't have a car anymore. Instead its a shopping cart and I'm saying "You think it'll still drive?" while laughing. We're walking along when I realize I'd forgotten about my mom (this is what will happen when there is a cute boy around) so I turn back to get her, poor thing.

Then, I'm in a car by myself that is parked in a gas station parking lot still in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night. I'd been living in it and was putting on clothes trying to warm up. I remember putting a knit cap and thinking I looked cute. I looked in the direction of the inside of the gas station and saw that there was a guy in there recording music in a studio.

Then I think that's when I woke up. Damn, my dreams are odd.

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