Waiting for the next one [ 2008-01-16, 11:50 p.m. ]

Blah. I have this garlicky taste in my mouth from the dip that I was using for some potato chips. I need to go brush my teefies.

Anyways, I'm off today and tomorrow. I was thinking about going to the bar tonight but then...well, there is supposed to be some "wintry mix" tonight. Of course, it probably won't be till much later in the night. My only reason really is just that it's cold outside and I'm in my jammies. That about sums it up.

I do miss going there to do karaoke. I know I'll get back in the groove of going again but for now, I guess I'm a homebody.

I just watched Eastern Promises tonight. It was good but the ending feels like it's missing something. Good performances though. Viggo Mortenson...mmmm...

I have Waitress and La Vie en Rose to watch as well. Probably won't tonight though. I finished up my Stephen King book last night (Cell) and need to find a new book to read now. I hate that feeling of finishing a book and not having a new one to start right away. Leaves me feeling a bit restless.

To sum up my day....sleeping, tv watching, sleeping, ate dinner, watched American Idol, watched movie. My leg hurts like hell right now. It's like a million red ants under the skin.

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