The Age of Aquarius [ 2008-01-28, 1:56 a.m. ]

My birthday weekend was nice. On Saturday Jim and I met up at 300 East, a place I've been going to since the '80's. Yep, it was just he and I. It was very nice, of course. We sat at a very intimate booth. I'm still not sure how he fit himself into it with his long legs. We talked about different things. Alli didn't come because she was out of town. Eston didn't come because of band practice. But it was five by five with me. Duh. I drank this huge drink that the restaurant has been serving for forever called Matilda Wong. It goes down like fruit punch and must have a lot of liquor in it, though. It used to come in a huge fishbowl type glass but now they serve it in a small pitcher. So I can reallly look like an alkie.

I would've liked to have spent more time with the boy but he is trying to get a promotion at work cause he really hates how his job right now has become boring as hell. So he had a project to finish up this weekend.

He paid for my drink, which was cool of him since he's about as poor as I am. Gave me a nice hug and I bounced on home. Probably driving when I shouldn't have. Yes, yes. I know. Also, I had texted my cousin, Pam on Friday about going to the bar but didn't hear from her. (I ended up just staying home)She texted me back during my dinner with Jim apologizing for not getting back to me. She mentioned that her sister (my cousin,of course) Phyllis, who lives further out of town wanted to come out with us next time. So I mentioned next Friday and Pam said that would be good. So I get to go out with my cousins!! Yay! That will be so fucking cool. Pam also mentioned that her brother, Phillip, who was my best friend when I was 16 and is a flight attendant, will be based out of Charlotte starting in March. So, hopefully, that will mean I will get to see him sometimes. Very cool.

So when I got home I watched some bad tv and then put on a dvd. I watched "Rescue Dawn" which is an excellent movie. Amazing performances but especially Christian Bale. That man is just incredible. Right now I'm watching it with director's commentary.

Today, my actual birthday, I slept quite late. Then went over to my parents' house for dinner and cake. Everything was delicious, of course. I got home and did some kitchen clean-up. Came back into my bedroom and had gotten a text from Jim wishing me Happy Birthday. :)

Tomorrow my mom and sister,Mandy, will be coming over to help with some de-cluttering and cleaning. Oi. I'm halfway looking forward to it but I know it will be a combination of embarrasment and defensiveness. But, as Jim said when I told him about them coming over, they are quite brave.

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