Mommylap would just love to get her mitts on my chaise [ 2008-01-31, 6:42 a.m. ]

Showtime on Demand is the bombdiggity. Last September during my vacation I used it to become addicted to Brotherhood and Dexter. I got to see their first seasons just before the second seasons came on. Instant gratification. So now, I'm watched the first season of The Tudors and I'm in love with it. Historical setting, pretty and frequently naked men and lots of scandals. I know the history is all mish-mashed but that's not what I'm watching it for. The costumes are exquisite as are the sets. The acting is terrific. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is just magnetic. And yummy. Ever so, my Grace.

So this week has been quite relaxing. Of course, on Monday my mom and Mandy came over to help with my apartment. We got the living room looking great. The bathroom still needs a bit more work. And the spare bedroom needs mucho attention. But I didn't realize how much the living room was going to be so I'm glad that part is done. I moved my tv in there and the chaise also. So I'm lounging on it whilst enjoying some tv feeling like I'm in somebody else's house. Therefore it's kind of like I'm out of town.

I did my taxes an hour ago online. I get just under $400 back from Fed. And I had to pay $15 to state. I always end up doing my taxes in the wee hours because that's when I worry about money the most.

I went to karaoke by myself last night. Only stayed less than an hour. Not too many people there and nobody for me to hang with. I sang two of my standards (American Girl and Our Lips are Sealed) because I hadn't sung since just after Thanksgiving. I will be there though on Friday night with Pam and Phyllis, my cousins. We're meeting for dinner first at the place that Pam works which is on the same street as my bar but I still can't figure out where it is. I think I'll have to go by in the daylight to see it.

I really should sleep. My therapy appt. is at 11am. I wish I could make myself stop thinking about Jim. But so much of the time he's in my thoughts. I try to not let it get me down too much. Frankly, I worry about him. And I want to hug him tight and not let go. If only.

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