Procrastination [ 2008-03-07, 4:35 p.m. ]

Time for my once a week entry.

Had a therapy appt. this week. Sometimes I feel like I go in there thinking I have to be upbeat about everything. To show some progress. Sigh. I know I'm not alone in not being completely honest with a therapist. Not that I lie. But I don't always tell her all of my stresses in life.

I did talk about to her about my problem with spending too much money. I have a problem with delayed gratification. Which is funny since I'm a virgin! We're going to work on that problem (the money problem not the no sex problem) so we'll see.

I keep saying that I have to get a second job but I've yet to make much headway. My excuse, this time, is that I've been having some back pain this week and really feel like doing nothing at all in my spare time. But I've got to do something soon. Speaking of pain, I'm trying to talk myself into putting on one of my dvds to do some exercising. I have one that's just stretching and I know that would really help me. I even have a yoga mat that was bought long ago to help me out there. I also have a couple of yoga dvds (for beginners) and a dancing for weight loss one. Grrr. Wellbutrin is supposed to help motivation but it's still very difficult.

Anyway...I feel so cut off from everybody without having the internet. I hate it. biggie. I can live without it if need be. But I really miss having the internet. I can look at it some on my phone but not that much.

Send me good money thoughts, please.

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