Nobody weird like me [ 2008-06-08, 6:38 p.m. ]

Wow. It has been almost a month. Sorry about that! I mean, nothing totally huge is going on but I will update anyway.

Let's see. I went on vacation the last week of May. Visited Christy in Charleston as usual. We've really gotten into a rut in what we do when I visit. There have been times when we actually go see historical sites and things but lately it's been shopping and going out to eat. Not that that isn't fun but ya's Charleston! There is still plenty that I've not seen. I will have to rectify that situation next time.

I went to see the Sex and the City movie with Caleb and Laurel. Beforehand, Caleb and I went to a nice Chinese restaurant and ate quite a bit. Mmmm...good Chinese food. After the movie, which I LOVED, we went to Caleb's place which is only about a mile from me. He lives with his boyfriend but he was away that weekend. We were there just chillin' till almost 4am. I love doing that kind of thing.

Yesterday was the day that Allison left for China. I visited her and Jim on Wednesday and gave her a going away present because I'M A NICE PERSON AND I'M NOT AT ALL HAPPY SHE IS LEAVING! Seriously, there is a part of me that really admires what she is doing. Talk about a drastic step. Anyway, I gave her Bath and Body shower gel,wild honeysuckle scent. We had talked about loving the smell of honeysuckle when we were driving to the Radiohead concert so I thought of her when I saw it. I also got her a funny card and made her a very cool mix cd. Later on we went to this biker bar (not as wild as it sounds really) near Jim's apartment. Had some fun and just talked about nothing much. When my check came I realized I had left my wallet at home! So Alli paid for mine,which was sweet. (I then proceeded to leave my wallet at home on Friday. Twice in one week. I never do that!)

Apparantly, Thomas will be coming to town for a week next week. And also Brooke will be coming back during July, I think. I'm hoping she stays with her parents which is not in town. Because I'm mean.

I just want to spend some quality time with him. Just him and only him. I'm selfish like that.

By the way, today marks a year since I was thisclose to suicide. It has been a weird year. Not as weird as last spring was with me salivating over the guy at work and then having some strange relationship with Charlie. But weird, nonetheless. I don't let myself get too much into the darkness. It happens, definitely. But I don't think about the final exit as much as I used to do.

So..that's about it for now. I really really want to get my cable/internet back soon.

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