Roulette [ 2008-07-29, 7:26 p.m. ]

I didn't mean to not write for so long! Not that I have oodles to talk about really. I had my vacation last week. Didn't go anywhere. Lazed around the house. Watched Criminal Minds on dvd. I have the biggest crush on Dr. Reid. I know he's quite young. But so cute. Smart. Plus, the actor who plays him, Matthew Gray Gubler, is really funny and seems nice. I love having a tv crush.

I've been keeping up with So You Think You Can Dance. I flove Joshua. Who wouldn't? Cute,great body and talented. I do love Twitch as well though. I'm not into hip hop dancing really but he is so imaginative in his solos that they're fun to watch. And he's shown such potential as a dancer. Coming from being a street dancer to being able to do ballroom dancing, Broadway style (my fave) and contemporary really says a lot about him.

I do like Mark but can't believe America voted more for him than Will. For crying out loud. But at least I know that Will should have no trouble in finding a dance troupe.

As for the women, I love love love Katee. Just amazing. I would really love her to win it all. Serve the judges right for being such assholes to her when she wasn't doing backflips about being in the Top 20. Some people, like me, don't react big to good news. It has to sink into your brain and then a half hour later you are grinning and jumping up and down. I do like Courtney a lot. She's fun to watch. Chelsie is good but I'm not wild about her solos. They seem to have that air of an erotic dancer. Too much of the stroking of her body. And swishing of hips. It just looks unimaginative. can see I have given this way too much thought. That would be because there ain't much going on in my real life. I could have gone to the karaoke bar last week on my vacation. I wanted to but the spirit wasn't willing. At. All. God, I hate feeling that way. The thought of being a hermit again does not fill me with joy. Plus, I'm still binge eating. And feeling crappy about my body results in me not going out. Which results in me eating more. And around and around it goes.

This Friday we are having the big party for the midnight release of the new Stephenie Meyer book "Breaking Dawn". I love that Twilight series. I even had a damn cool dream a few days ago that was kind of like it but not completely. I need to write that down. Maybe use it for NaNo.

I will see you guys later. Drop me a note. Always feels good to from everybody out there.

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