Merry Christmas 2008 [ 2008-12-25, 6:01 p.m. ]

Merry Christmas to all! I am having an alright day. Much better than last year, personally. Last year I wept driving home because I had had to ask my Mom if I could borrow some money and she declined. I am still broke but haven't asked for any kind of loan.

I am at my parents' house at the moment. Still have no internet at home. No cable. And no heat! Good thing I live in North Carolina. It's over 60 degrees today. Crazy. Not that it hasn't been cold. When it does get cold, I have my trusty electric blanket and I keep warm pretty well.

Work wore me out this Christmas season. I need new shoes!!!! My ankles swelled up from working 6 days in a row with crappy shoes while it was busy. Not as busy as last year, natch, but still busy enough for the staff I had on.

My new prescription is doing a better job of keeping me going. Of course, it would be better if I could help myself too. Still working on that.

My sis,Christy, comes to town tomorrow and then we exchange presents again on Saturday. This morning it was just me and my parents exchanging gifts. They gave me a set of red towels (I asked for that color. I wanted something bright). A case for my iPod. A $25 gift card for the movie theatre. Yay! And a holder for my iPod while I'm driving which also has a remote you can put on your steering wheel. Cool,eh?

I gave them books, of course. I know I spent more than I could afford but crap. I like giving gifts!! At least, I don't have a credit card that I'm running debt up on.

My last big news. I had to give up my license plate and registration for my car for 30 days because I had let my car insurance lapse. I hadn't opened my mail because that is what depression does, ya know. Avoidance. So the final notice was it. No fine and everything's fine. You have to give it up and only get it back when you show proof of insurance after 30 days. Luckily for me, I could borrow my mom's car without much trouble. It sucks but it could be worse.

I hope this next year will be much better for me. But I know that I'm responsible for helping to make it so. To control the circumstances that I can control. Such as: not overspending; Cleaning and de-cluttering my apartment; stretching my muscles and increasing my flexibility for my own sake. I feel so much older than I really am.

I don't know when my next update will be but until then...have a happy, healthy and blessed New Year!!

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