Keeping track [ 2009-03-13, 12:52 a.m. ]

I can't seem to get on here as often as I used to. Talk about getting out of the habit. I'm going to lose track of my life. There are some things that I have such a good memory for but others that I mess up the timeline, ya know? So, to that effort I challenge myself to update every day for the next week. We'll see how it goes after that. Taking it week by week.

I had Thursday off and also have Friday off. So I had myself accomplish something today. It's about time, I must say. It has been about two weeks since I moved in with my parents. I don't want them to feel too much of an intrusion. Not that they would put it that way. Anyway, I had stuff on the back porch that I finally sifted through. Put some in the storage shed. And distributed some around the house. Most of it was kitchen stuff. A few things were trashed and some will be donated to Salvation Army.

I fell asleep for 4 hours tonight after dinner. Just woke up a half hour ago. I am enjoying the digital cable (as well as the internet. Yay!!) Watching "29 Weeks Later" on HBO. I've seen it before but it's just my background noise at the moment. I like silence but a lot of the times I need music or tv on in the background when I do things.

Friday I just want to go through the clothes that I have piled that have been waiting for me to find a home for them. It's quite astonishing how long I can put with things. I either totally ignore something or I just make it normal for me, while it also aggravates me.

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