Twilight Omens [ 2009-03-19, 8:46 p.m. ]

I've had a bit of a headache all day. Thinks its partly due to the tooth removal and the antibiotic. But I've still managed to get a few things done.

This morning my mom helped me to get through the pile of clothes that were on my floor waiting to find a place to put them. I'm so happy that is done. It was insane trying to find my clothes. I could barely find socks that matched and then not always.

In the afternoon my mom and I went to the library, the grocery store,Target and Good will (to drop off a donation). One of the things I want to do for my parents while I live here is to get them a bit more active. Less staying at home. As soon as the weather actually decides to be Spring, I'm going to get them to walk with me around the block a few times a day. It will be good for them and for me.

I came home and checked my email and had an email reply from my former landlord company. I had sent an email yesterday asking about when/if I'll be getting my deposit check back.

She sent me this whole list of "damages" , so-called, to the apartment that added up to more than my deposit and had me owing $90. Here's my reply:

While I understand not getting the whole deposit back, to say that I owe $90 is unfair.
The damaged light globe missing in hall & kitchen =$50
After changing the light bulb in the kitchen one day I replaced the fixture and then it fell and hit me on the shoulder. It broke, of course, so I tossed it. The one in the hallway was also not the safest either. It didn't fall but I took it down for fear it would.

The damaged front porch light fixture=$65
This was replaced once by maintenance and then proceeded to fall and break again.

Seal walls & ceiling in kitchen due to grease=$100
Since apartments are usually painted between occupants I don't understand why I would be charged for this.

Clean grease off stove, refrigerator etc...=$75
That seems excessive to me.

I feel I should be given $300 back in my deposit. I did enjoy my time in the apartment but it is old with old wiring and plumbing. These estimates make it sound like I was Led Zeppelin trashing a hotel room on purpose.

I think it was to the point and I really really hope she gives a bit.

Tonight I'm watching 24 from this past Monday on my dvr. It's great having a dvr but I have to keep up a bit more. I know every dvr owner has this problem.

Tomorrow I work 2:30-11pm. I get to sleep in at least. Then on Saturday I'm 11-7:30pm. That's the big release of the Twilight dvd. I saw it in the theatre and I liked it so I'll be purchasing a copy. I encourage all of you to come to my store and buy it. I need the sales!

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