Percoset. How I love thee. [ 2009-03-22, 11:42 p.m. ]


I was doing halfway ok at work today. I was dealing with the pain somehow. But then when I left the store and went to step off of the curb in front, POW. Pain went soaring through me. It literally took my breath away. I sobbed. Stopped for a minute trying to figure out how the hell I was going to get to my car. Hobbled my way to it. (Luckily I hadn't parked far away) Sobbed some more before getting myself into the driver's seat. Sobbed some more. Realized that I would have to just give up and go to the ER.

Eventually, after an x-ray and much waiting around, they informed that they believed it was a sprained knee. But told me that I needed to go to an orthopedist to get more treatment and maybe an MRI. They prescribed Motrin and Percoset. Mandy took me to the drugstore and we talked with Christy on the cell's speaker while we waited for the scripts to be filled. It was nice to have my sisters making me laugh and to sympathize with me.

When I went home, I ate some of my mom's homemade chicken pot pie. Damn good. I called a music seller to get him to cover my shift tomorrow and called the store to let them know that I would hopefully be at the doctor tomorrow. Besides, I know I couldn't have stood for 8 hours. No way. No how. If I get into see a doctor tomorrow, I'm hoping they recommend that I do a short term disability leave. I've never taken one but I know my body could use it.

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