It's like the doctor went to school or something [ 2009-03-24, 3:57 p.m. ]

I went to the orthopedic doctor today. He told me that he thought I had fluid on my knee so he was going to drain it. After he did so, he showed me that it wasn't just regular "fluid" it was blood! He was surprised, as was I. It wasn't just a tiny bit of blood either. He thinks I have a torn cartilage. I go for an MRI tomorrow then go see him about 10 days later. I had them write me a note to be out of work thru Monday. Luckily, I was taking a four day weekend to go out of town (that's gone now) so I just had to take tomorrow and Thursday off from work.

What's funny is when you tell a doctor something about yourself and his exasperation at how people just live with pain when they don't have to.
Me: Oh,just so you know. I have a pinched nerve just above my right knee.
Doc: Have you seen anyone about it?
Me: I saw a doctor a year ago.
Doc: And what did they do for you?
Me: Oh, they just gave me some exercises and that's all.
Doc: Any injections?
Me: No
Doc: MRI?
Me: No
Doc: Any medicine?
Me: No
Doc: So you haven't really gotten any treatment for it, have you?
Me: Well, no. I just thought I had to live with it.
Doc: There are a lot of options for treating that.

Obviously. Last time that I don't see a specialist for something like that.

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