Pied-a-Terre [ 2009-03-31, 7:24 p.m. ]

You know the best time to pick up your hydrocodone pills? After a day where you go back to work after being laid up with a gimpy knee and get your yearly review where your boss nitpicks you to death and gives you a Needs Improvement review which means I get an Action Plan that will be reviewed every 30 days for 3 months upon which I will get another review. That is when you need your happy pills. I am typing the anger I feel but I'm mainly squishing it beneath a floaty feeling.

I got my orthopedic doctor to write me up a pain pill prescription because I knew I'd need it this week or so. My leg started wearing down by the afternoon. But I wasn't limping too badly.

I want to win the lottery. I've never bought a ticket. That could be a problem. But I've asked Mandy (my sis) to come with me so I won't feel stupid doing it the first time.

Here's what I'd do if I won a big amount of money.

Buy a cute renovated bungalow style house in the Plaza Midwood area where I used to live before moving in with my parents. I would also put a pool in the back.

Of course, I'd pay off all my debts first. Plus, my parents' debts and Mandy's debt (Christy and Kevin are in pretty good shape money-wise) and any debt Mandy's grown kids have right now. Give my loved ones a clean slate and something to build upon.

Then, I'd get my sisters to accompany me to Europe for a few months. We'd fly first class and go anywhere we wanted. I'd get an apartment in Paris and have that for me to fly to whenever the mood struck me.

Sigh. My life isn't horrible but it sucks to be told you're not good enough. Yet again. If you read my entries from a couple or so years back you'll know what I'm talking about.

Working in corporate America sucks.

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