My body is NOT a wonderland [ 2009-04-08, 10:10 a.m. ]

Oh, my God. Guess who has a cold! Me. Damn it all to hell. And I've gotten my period. My body sucks.

Yesterday was interesting at work. I found out that our assistant manager,Tracy, also got a Needs Improvement yearly review. Which is freakin' ridiculous. However, it was nice to commiserate with her about the stupidity of it all. She has to do all the same crap that I used to have to do and I know she does her job. We all have our small failings and nobody is perfect. But she does do a good job.

We were wondering just how bad our boss' own yearly review was for her to do this to her own management staff. And it even occurred to me later on that maybe our boss has been told to do this to her long term people. People who have been with the company so long that they make more than what they would have to pay somebody just coming in to the company. One of the things I dislike about our company is how little they seem to promote from within. Very little talent management. It pisses me off.

Bleh. I hate how my cold is in my throat and chest right now.

Tomorrow night is the Death Cab for Cutie concert that Christie is coming to town for. I'm going to go, of course, but I hate that I have to feel so crappy right now. Waaaahhhh.

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