Or handicapable, which ever you prefer [ 2009-04-14, 4:41 p.m. ]

Yesterday was not easy at work. After having been off 5 days it was really difficult getting used to the pain of my knee again. Plus, I was sneezing my ass off. You know how you sneeze four times in a row? That was me. And then there was a big screw-up with the McAllister's Deli people next door. They say that they will deliver for free to any of the stores in the mall. So, since I was so tired I called, paid for it over the phone with my debit card and told them to come upstairs and go to the hallway on the left and knock on the employees only door (that's the break room).

I know it was one of their managers who wrote it down (supposedly) because he has a heavy spanish accent. He says it will be about 10 minutes. Ok. I call after 20 minutes. "Oh, they're walking it over" Ok. Nothing. I walk over there (it's just across the walkway since we're next to the food court). "Where is it?" I ask. "I left it at the gift area" one of the girls tells me. Huh? I go back and check both of the cashwrap areas and the customer service desk. Nothing. I go back AGAIN. "I can't find where you put it." "I left it where they sell the music" That's like the opposite of what I told them to do. I am visibly upset because ..hello PAIN!!! I find it in my music dept. Go back to the office, close the door and cry in frustration and pain.

I was really close to talking to my boss about doing a short term disability leave. I could if I really pushed for it but really I don't want to. I think I would go nuts. Plus, I have so much I need and want to do after my review. I have stuff on this action plan that I am trying to accomplish. I just don't want to dig myself a hole.

What's funny about that whole stupid food delivery is that they ended up sending it again. They know I come over there a few times a week, usually. Little do they know that I am trying to cut down on all that stuff. I took my lunch today which was a ham sandwich (leftover from Easter dinner) and a small portion of potato salad that was also left over from Easter dinner. It was delish. And so much quicker then that whole disaster!

Today was better, thankfully. I stopped at Target on the way home yesterday and bought some store brand Claritin to stop all the sneezing. It did the job. So, my cold is finally on it's way out.
Just still a bit flemy. Like you wanted to know that.

I did make an appt with to have my knee operation done. April 27th is the big day. I can't wait. I'm sick of being handicapped.

Tomorrow I have off. Yay! Since I'm not all yucky and sick, maybe I can enjoy it. Except for the leg pain. Boo.

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